New Years Eve 11 pm - 3 am EST


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Panel on web development in 2017 with Bill Sourour, Ben Halpern, Sacha Greif, Preethi Kasireddy, and Tyler McGinnis

Fireside chat with Anil Dash (interviewed by Mrugesh Mohapatra)

Panel on social coding in 2017 with Alexander Kallaway, Justin Richardson, Jackson Bates, Shubheksha Jalan, Thomas Gx, Catherine Kim, Shawn Grooms

Fireside chat with Kyle Simpson (interviewed by Sean Smith)

Fireside chat with Sarah Drasner (interviewed by Briana Swift)

Panel on getting a developer job in 2017 with Jeff Meyerson and Haseeb Qureshi

Fireside chat with Jeff Atwood (interviewed by Quincy Larson)

Panel on Free Code Camp's platform in 2017 with Berkeley Martinez, Heather Kusmierz, and Michael D. Johnson


These fun people dropped in throughout the night.


These people get to introduce everyone and ring in the new year four times.

Briana Swift


Teacher at Free Code Camp and GitHub

Quincy Larson


Teacher at Free Code Camp


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